A Catholic Priest, the Mayor, and the Fallen Joke

image: mayor
A Catholic priest was hearing confession one day when members of his congregation would kneel and say, "Forgive me father for I have sinned...I cheated on my spouse this week and I pray I can be forgiven." The priest would answer, "You are forgiven, but do your best not to commit adultery again." 

Come Sunday morning he decides to direct his sermon to those people who had committed the sin of adultery. The congregation was observant in the priest's actions because he said if they couldn't do better than this he would leave the church. The congregation liked the priest, so they came up with a code word for every time they had committed adultery, they would attend confession and admit that they had "fallen.". 

A few years passed, and the priest died and was replaced by a new, young priest. It came time for the new priest to hear confessions and he noticed that many of his members were confessing they had "fallen". The new priest was concerned about his congregation and took it upon himself to go to city hall and speak with the mayor. 

The priest meets the mayor and says, "Mr. Mayor, you have to do something about your sidewalks and walkways in the area of the Catholic church." 

The mayor looking concerned asks, "Sidewalks?" 

The priest says, "Yes. Many of your citizens have fallen this week!" 

The mayor realizes what the priest is talking about and says, "There's no need to be concerned father....it's nothing to worry about" 

The priest replied, "Nothing to worry about? I think if anyone should be worried it should be you; even your wife has fallen 3 times this week."

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