The Priest and a drinking man

Image: Priest Cartoon
One day a drunk is walking along the shore of a riverbank when he notices a priest baptizing people from a local town. The drunk man staggers into the shallow end of the river and bumps directly into the priest.

The priest turns around and can immediately smell the alcohol.
“Are you ready and willing to find Jesus?” asked the priest.

“I sure am.” replied the drunk man.

The priest pushes the drunk down into the river by the shoulders, and dunks the man’s head under the shallow water. After a few seconds the priest pulls the drunk up and asks him, “Have you found Jesus my son?”

The drunk responded, “Nope.”

Once again the priest dunks the drunk man under the water and holds his head for about 15 seconds and pulls him back up. “My son, have you found Jesus?” yelled the priest.

The drunk shakes his head, wipes his eyes and asks, “Are you sure this is where he fell in?”

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